DISHES IN THE OATMEAL BOX. How the world has changed #23

Although we did not buy many things from the store except for what we could not grow or border for, an occasional box of oatmeal was the exception. Normally our breakfast was biscuits and gravy, or fried salt pork, however, once in a while there would be something different on the table waiting for us when we got up and we would eat whatever had been prepared for us. 

Oatmeal was one of those rare treats in the morning and there was always a surprise in the box when it was opened. As I remember it, we always wanted mama to wait to open the oatmeal, until we could see the surprise that came out of the box. There may be a cup and saucer, a bowl, or some other dish that was packed in the box with the oatmeal.

There was nothing protecting glass from getting in the oatmeal if it had been broken or chipped, but I never remember that happening. Could you imagine that being allowed in today’s “safety’” and “health concise” society? 

The oatmeal dishes kept us supplied with coffee cups or bowls to use, plus we all enjoyed an occasional bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I understand that other things such as different kinds of cereal also came with dishes or some other useful items packed in with the contents, oatmeal, however, is the only thing that I remember us getting.

Although oatmeal still is stacked on the store shelves, yet you no longer have the added benefit of finding dishes packed in with the contents. Remembering this link to the past gives us something to discuss and something to think about!



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31 responses to “DISHES IN THE OATMEAL BOX. How the world has changed #23

  1. Dewanna

    I was just wondering how much the bowls are worth that was found in the oatmeal boxs

    • Harvey

      I really have not idea, but if you will go to, (yourhoustonnews/blog) we will begin to discuss this on “memories of an old geezer”. Thanks, Harvey (the old geezer)

  2. Allison

    My mother was telling me about getting these dishes in the oatmeal box. She actually is starting a collection. She is trying to find them piece by piece by going to antique stores and pawn shops. When I was growing up I remember the jelly glasses with cartoons on them. When the jelly was finished these were turned into neat little juice glasses.

  3. carol meeker hayes

    I’m looking for some old dishes we think that came from company that put it in oat meal boxs can you please help me. they are blue with ships and
    different things on them.

    • Harvey

      Thanks for you question. If you will go to (yourhoustonnews/blog) and go to “memories of an old geezer” we will soon begin to discuss this and other questions. Thanks, Harvey (the old geezer)

    • Harvey

      Thanks for your comment and question. Personally I don’t know the answer to your question, but if you will go to ( we will be posting an article on this subjest and I expect many comments on the subject. Harvey, (the old geezer)

  4. were the dishes colored blue pink green or yellow with ridges. were they nearly see through held to the light. Love them.

    • Harvey

      Thtnks for your comment. I only remember the light green china and somed white bowls. I am sure there were more. If you will go to ( and go to “memories of an old geezer” and an article will come out soon on this very thing. Harvey (the old geezer)

    • donna perry

      I remember light blue, clear, dark green and pink but you didn’t know what you was going to get till you dug it out , kind of like toys in cereal lol

  5. I have some of those could you tell me what they are worth? I have a set of 4 with only one cup with a slight chip. Thank you………….Robin

    • Harvey

      Thanks for you comment and question. I do not know what they may be worth, dallar wise, but to have some of these would be worth a lot to me. If you will go to ( and go to “memories of an old geezer” an article about this will come out soon. Harvey (the old geezer)

      • Grace McMaster

        I too have a bowl. The lady told me it came out of oatmeal. Said it was very old. I also have a cookie jar. The lady said belong to her mother. this lady was 90 when she passed away. My husband & I clean out after Estate sales.

  6. rita copeland

    have you ever heard of the dishes that came in oats that where green in color?

    • Harvey

      Thanks for your question. The only two things that I remember is the light green china and a white bowl. If you will go to ( and go to “memories of an old geezer” an article on these dishes will be posted soon and we will have some to comment on this then. Thanks, Harvey (the old geezer)

  7. Gregory Wilson

    We have a very nicee looking sugar bowl with a wheat sprig on it, the bottom is a sky blue and white with a blue lid with gold trim. The bottom is stamped with the number 77… Anyone know which product box it came out of? We are pretty sure it came our of DUZ or Oatmeal or the grocery store.


    I have a lot of clear green dishes from my late mother in law which she collected from oatmeal…..SUE

  9. nancy

    I have some green ones my aunt gave them to me a butt load but cld never part with them

  10. Joi

    My Stepfather kept the pink glasses from the oatmeal boxes and you could order the pitcher and also the cream and sugar bowls. So he did. He then willed them to my daughter and she realizes the history behind each piece. Welch’s jelly jars were the ones we tried to finish but we did not want people to know that we had jelly jars for drinking. Of course, this was before Tupperware–

  11. I have several clear oatmeal dishs cups mostly what is their value now I’ve had then since 1978 I also have a dark green bowl from oatmeal I wonder it’s value I know it’s older

  12. Bella

    I have an entire set of these beautiful dishes!

    • Bella

      They have an intricate border of black, yellow, with roses on ivory. I have no idea how much they are worse what company produced them as there are no markings. My grandmother collected them and an entire set of plates, saucers, bowls, and serving dishes!

  13. Seymour Snyder

    Yes I remember all to well! Have many pieces of clear and green, plus a few red pieces! Actually looking to sell them! Oatmeal has always been one of my favorite breakfast foods! Wow! This is like taking a walk down memory lane!

  14. I have a thin light green cup and a white compote from my mother. I love to find my old things on the computer and see what they are worth. I like antiques and have all sorts of things. I have a Roosevelt ticket from 1936 in perfect condition.

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