There is a story of a young man who lovingly built a little sailboat. Having finished it, he took it to a stream behind his house and put it in the water. The little boat sailed perfectly! But the wind blew hard and his boat was taken away and he could not find it. After he searched for a long time he sadly returned home.

One day he was walking downtown and saw his boat in a store window. Having found out from the store-owner how much the boat would cost he returned home and got all the money he had. After paying for the boat, he was walking home and said to his boat, “you are twice mine, I made you and I bought you”.

This beautiful little story teaches a very valuable lesson for us.

  • Jesus Christ lovingly created or made us in the beginning (John 1:1-2).
  • Then we sinned and separated ourselves from God. (Isaiah 59:1-2)
  • However God loved us so much that He gave His only son, His greatest gift, and bought us back (John 3: 16).
  • Jesus, on the other hand, gave His life freely in order to buy us back (John 10:1`5-18).

Just as the boy in our story loved his boat so much that he gave all the money he had in order to buy it back, Jesus and God loved us so much that they gave the most precious gift they had in order to buy us back. There is a song that explains just how much God loves us, called, “If that isn’t love”.

“He left the splendor of Heaven, knowing His destiny was the lonely hill of Golgotha, there to lay down His life for me! Even in death He remembered the thief hanging by His side; He spoke with love and compassion then He took him to paradise. If that isn’t love the ocean is dry, there’s no stars in the sky, and the sparrow can’t fly! If that isn’t love then Heaven’s a myth, there’s no feeling like this if that isn’t love.”

I have talked to people that did not think that God could or would love and save them. And I know Christians that are saved, but are not assured of their salvation. But knowing what God’s love has done for us through Christ, how can we doubt that God will save us eternally?

Just something to think about!

Harvey Schultz (hschultz2@yahoo.com)



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3 responses to ““YOU ARE TWICE MINE”!

  1. Jeanette Russell

    My mother used to tell this story in childrens church. I believe I have the story she told. I heard the song on radio and would like to get the sound track for it. It has a wonderful plot and has impressed me all my life.

    • Harvey

      Thanks for you comment. If you will go to (yourhoustonews.com) to “Memories of an old geezer” we will soon begin to discuss these and other question. Thanks, Harvey (the old geezer)

    • Harvey

      Thanks for your comment. If you will go to (yourhoustonews.com/blog) then to “memories of an old geezer” there will be some very interesting article posted each week. Thanks, Harvey (the old geezer)

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